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REALTOR: Alice Zaganczyk
Mrs. Zaganczyk is the worst property manager I have ever dealt with. She lies to potential tenants. She doesn't keep the grounds up. She doesn't fix things that are broken. You can never get hold of her. She is rather hostile and negative if you don't agree with her. I would not recommend this agent to anyone.
read more... 10/10/2009

lakpa sherpa

REALTOR: Suzzi Bussacco
read more... 10/08/2009

Mrs. Kingly

REALTOR: Joan Rosenberg
A great Real Estate experienc. Joan was knowledgable, professional and patient. She found us just what we were looking for. I would not hesitate to use Joan for all of my Real Estate transactions.
read more... 10/06/2009

Phil Berrey

REALTOR: Roger Berrey
trustworthy, honest agent
read more... 10/06/2009


REALTOR: Dan Shrader
Do not fall for Dan's deal. He will take your home from you, and leave the mortgage company to foreclose on you without making his payments he committed to. He promised to lease to buy option my house and now it is in foreclosure after not making the mortgage payments for 8 months, yet illegally accepting rent during those 8 months.
read more... 10/05/2009

Leslie Baines

REALTOR: Lynn Yates
Lynn is the most conscientious, patient and persistent realtor I have ever known. She works very hard to find and sell your home. She helped find my current home and I chose her again not that I'm ready to sell. Lynn is fabulous!
read more... 10/04/2009


REALTOR: Kathryn MacGeraghty
Thank you... Thank you ... Thank you! I can not thank you enough. Your professionalism and diligence is greatly appreciated by out of state owners, who truly never have to worry about anything. You have an amazing team, led by a great leader!
read more... 10/04/2009


REALTOR: Kevin Vasquez
Great Real Estate agent. I highly reccommend him for buying or selling in Tampa Bay, Florida
read more... 10/03/2009


REALTOR: Robert Petterson
te adoro miguxo tenho todos os seus dvds bjssssssssssss
read more... 10/03/2009


REALTOR: Rodney Jennings
He is a smart-ass. lying chicken****
read more... 10/02/2009

Robyn Sampson - Client an

REALTOR: Nancy DuMeyer
I was referred to the DuMeyer team by a friend of mine for the purchase of my own home. Not only were they knowledgable, but when I found a home that was $10,000 over my preapproved price, they went the extra mile to work with my lender to get them to approve me for the extra amount!!!! They were there for me every step of the way, and were able to answer any questions or concerns I may have had, and to take the stress out of what is usually a stressful time. As a mortgage lender, I refer all of my clients looking to buy homes to the DuMeyers, I can't stress enough the importance of working with a reputable and knowledgable realtor. You will get more than you imagined with the DuMeyers! Five star approval rating from me!
read more... 10/01/2009


REALTOR: Robert Petterson
adolo vc e os filmes em que vc faz sao os melhores em q vi ate agora. bjs tutuco.: e isso ai...
read more... 10/01/2009


REALTOR: Kathryn MacGeraghty
Hi thought I should day that they've been good to me, they actually explained the lease to me, none of my landlords have done that for me before. I like the house its really clean yard is nice
read more... 09/28/2009


REALTOR: Geri Doyle
This was the worst experience. Geri is the most dishonest realtor we have ever worked with. She never showed up on time for the open house and was very hard to get a hold of for anything. Stay clear of this one.
read more... 09/24/2009

Garry Tolliver

REALTOR: Kimberly Lewis
Very smart and knows her stuff
read more... 09/24/2009

Jim Smith

REALTOR: Shila (Shahla) Ghademi
Not happy with this agent. Shahla showed my house. Lower thermostat, turn on lights without turning them off IGNORING SHOWING INSTRUCTIONS.
read more... 09/23/2009

Marie Meyer

You have reccomended Ormond Kayak Center as honest. I have been trying for months to get money from them for selling my kayaks. Either they can be trusted or not. After weekly calls, always with promises to pay, I sure do not think they deserve your endorsement
read more... 09/22/2009

Jeff White

REALTOR: Valerie Torelli
I have sold and bought with this company and they give good service, right on with values and finish what they say they are going to do.
read more... 09/21/2009


REALTOR: Kathryn MacGeraghty
Please disregard the comment by Kathryn below as there are hundreds of tenants with similar issues posted on Yelp, Yahoo, Google and see for yourself!
read more... 09/21/2009

mary jo kindlesparker

REALTOR: Cathy Leonard
cathy is wonderful and I need her help again! please call 847 658 3774
read more... 09/21/2009

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